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The following legal articles should not be considered legal advise. They are purely informational, and not for you to make legal conclusions about an existing case. If you have a possible case you should contact us or another lawyer in order to get legal advice.

Basics of Negligence Law

An basic explanation of what negligence is and what the elements that must be proven in any negligence case.

Insurance and Injury Laws in Washington State

An explanation of Insurance law and what role it plays in your case. 

Basic Consumer Laws of Washington

In order to protect consumers and businesses from unfair practices Washington passed Consumer Protection Act.   Washington has also passed the Insurance Fair Conduct Act that adds additional protections for insureds. 

What is My Case Worth?

A basic explanation of the factors that determine what your case value is, and how you can make sure you make a full and fair recovery in your case.

Determining if you have case under any law is complex and needs a thorough review of the facts of your case.  Before making that determinations on your own, we ask that you contact us.  We will talk to you without charge and render our opinion as to whether further investigation is merritted.  Please either fill out our contact form or call us at 425-296-9025. 

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